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Friday, September 5, 2014

Introducing ICYMS: In Case You Missed Seminar

Fellow chemistry grad students, this one's for you.

Seminar talks are important. Everyone knows that. But, as a graduate student, you've got fifty-six other obligations during a day. Sometimes you've got a class, sometimes your reaction goes out of control, sometimes that damned eluent just doesn't come out fast enough - and we've all had times where we look at the clock only to find in horror that it's 4:45 and you've missed the whole talk already.

I've got you covered.

Starting this coming Monday, I'll be running a bi-weekly series that covers the latest publication from seminar speakers visiting the University of Michigan Department of Chemistry. If there happens to be more than one seminar speaker during the two-week period, I'll pick my favorite; if there aren't any speakers, I will cover someone I missed during a previous week.

You know, just ICYMS.*

*Tree Town Chemistry is not responsible for advisor-rage that will result from your skipping seminar.

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